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We Specialize In Helping You With
Family Law/Divorce

Family law encompasses a myriad of legal matters relating to family issues. Family law rulings help resolve family conflicts involving marriage, divorce, cohabitation, paternity, alimony, child support, custody and visitation rights, adoption, and much more.

Criminal Law

When it comes to criminal law an experienced and effective criminal defense attorney can mean the difference between a prison sentence and reduced or dismissed charges. Vitale & Associates are dedicated to defending the rights of the accused.

Personal Injury

At Robert Vitale and Associates we handle a variety of legal cases including: car accidents, bus accidents, construction accidents, dog bite injuries, drunk driving accidents, medical malpractice injuries, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, product liability, semi-truck accidents, slip and fall accidents, train accident injury, workers compensation, and wrongful death to name a few.

Real Estate Law

Robert Vitale and Associates handles residential and commercial real estate transactions, representing mortgage lenders, buyers, and sellers. We also provide commercial litigation services and assist clients with retail and commercial collections, work-outs, and mortgage and note modifications to recover all types of debts.