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Personal Injury

At Robert Vitale and Associates you will receive compassionate and highly personalized legal representation from an attorney who will fight tirelessly for your right to just and ample compensation for your injuries.When you choose a personal injury attorney at Robert Vitale and Associates you’ll receive exceptional legal representation. Let us protect your rights to a maximum possible cash settlement award – make today the day you decide to contact Robert Vitale and Associates.

At Robert Vitale and Associates we handle a variety of legal cases including: car accidents, bus accidents, construction accidents, dog bite injuries, drunk driving accidents, medical malpractice injuries, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, product liability, semi-truck accidents, slip and fall accidents, train accident injury, workers compensation, and wrongful death to name a few.

When you or a loved one has been harmed in an automobile accident, you need a car accident attorney who understands what you are going through. Your life has been upended in a terrible way. You may be dealing with serious death or injury to yourself, your child, your spouse or to someone who means the world to you.

The attorneys at Robert Vitale and Associates believe it’s their mission to ensure you obtain justice and compensation for the suffering you are experiencing. We can’t turn back time and prevent the accident but we can and we will do everything in our power to ensure that you be made as financially whole as possible.

Our car accident lawyers appreciate how devastating an automobile accident can be, especially when the accident is serious enough that you or your loved one must spend time in a hospital, followed perhaps by therapy and a long convalescence at home, losing income due to using up any and all accrued vacation and sick time from your employer.

Our Experienced Car Accident Lawyers Will Make Sure You Receive The Compensation Owed You. In fact, our goal is to work to obtain an amount that will greatly exceed the amount you would receive were you to trust your insurance company to pay you fairly and quickly without an attorney.

We bargain for you and we bargain hard. We negotiate fairly and firmly with your insurance company to ensure an ample settlement but, if no fair settlement is forthcoming, we won’t hesitate to go to trial to ensure you receive your full, fair and just award.

Catastrophic Injuries are devastating and permanent in nature. Whether they are caused by car accidents, work-related accidents, medical errors, defective products, prescription drug reactions or other dangerous conditions, they have an enormous impact on the lives of the victims and their families.

Examples of catastrophic injuries include brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, severe burns, accidental amputations and neurological disorders.

Catastrophically injured people require specialized medical care- often for the rest of their lives- but unfortunately, determining who is responsible is usually difficult, and often, there are several parties whose conduct played a role in the injury. Even when fault is known, the insurance coverage is often inadequate to provide compensation for medical care, much less make up for the lack of wages that a catastrophically injured person needs to live. Therefore it often becomes necessary to seek alternative compensation. These types of cases are complex, lengthy and costly to take to trial, and large jury verdicts are rare. Often the victim is under-compensated, with the compensation falling well short of funds needed to adequately pay for required medical care.

Because of this, success in court can literally mean the difference between life and death. The lawyers and Robert Vitale and Associates has the experience to successfully help victims seek justice. If you or a loved one has been catastrophically injured, contact us. We are here to answer your questions, explain your rights and help you pursue justice.

Robert Vitale and Associates, has been representing the victims of negligence for years. Our team of dedicated lawyers represents persons who have suffered serious injury, economic loss, personal loss and future damages due to negligence.

Negligence can be caused by motor vehicle accidents, serious dog bite injuries, motorcycle accidents, nursing home abuse, defective equipment accidents, construction accidents, slip and fall accidents and medical negligence, including harmful drugs.

Every year in Michigan hundreds of innocent people, mostly children, are seriously injured due to dog bite injuries. Many dog breeds are capable of causing serious injury and even death. Sixty percent of all dog bite victims are children.

Dog owners are required by law to control or restrain their dogs in order to ensure public safety. Dog owners may be held accountable for injuries sustained by their animals if the animal was not properly secured on their premises, on a leash, or the owner knew that the animal was prone to violence. Even if the dog was on the owner’s property, the owner of the dog may be responsible for any injury caused.

The lawyers at Robert Vitale and Associates are experienced in handling these serious injury and wrongful death cases.

Medical malpractice is the failure of medical professionals (including doctors, nurses and hospitals) to provide acceptable treatments to patients. It is the third leading cause of death in America, killing 100,000 people every year.

Some leading causes of medical malpractice include inadequate training, excessive work hours, substance abuse and errors in judgment by hospitals and medical professionals.

Patients have the right to expect safe and adequate care when seeking medical treatment, and while most doctors and hospitals never commit malpractice, others make an astonishing number of medical mistakes. Five percent of doctors and hospital staff account for more than 50 percent of the medical malpractice claims.

If you suspect that you were a victim of medical negligence, contact us. These cases require significant resources and special expertise. You need to move quickly to protect your legal rights and to ensure that your claim is within the statute of limitations.

Robert Vitale and Associates handles medical malpractice cases throughout Michigan. The firm is very experienced in and knowledgeable on the recent legislation that has caused major changes in the handling of Medical Malpractice cases, which is very complicated and specialized. The lawyers at Robert Vitale and Associates have the experience to successfully help victims seek justice.

When you’ve been hurt on another person’s property, it can be unclear who is responsible for the injuries you’ve suffered and who should pay the medical expenses you’ve incurred.

At Robert Vitale and Associates we know that after an accident, you have a lot of questions, and our slip and fall attorneys are here to answer them for you.

In general terms, “slip and fall” accidents refer to situations where a person is injured by slipping or tripping and then falling due to a dangerous condition on the premises. Such falls can happen inside or outside a building, and be caused by such conditions as bad flooring, wet floors, poorly lighted steps, or, in the case of outdoor accidents, weather-related or hidden hazards. For instance, an icy patch outside a door or a crack or pothole can be the cause of a slip and fall in a parking lot.

All slip and fall accidents are covered by negligence law and deal with the concept of premises liability. Property owners have a duty of care to see that their property is safe. This includes ensuring that the building has no structural defects that could cause an accident, both inside and out, including loose floor mats, rugs, or tiles; water on the floor; badly lit stairs or steps; and cracks or holes in sidewalks or parking lots. In some states, the property owner may also have a duty to reduce problem areas caused by weather like standing water and icy spots. A plaintiff or claimant also has a duty to exercise reasonable care, so if any action of yours contributed to the accident, you may share in the negligence.

If you experience a slip and fall accident, you should try to determine what made you fall and if it could have been anticipated and prevented. If there were any witnesses to your fall, be sure you get their names and addresses. Try to note the conditions in the area, like if the lighting was poor or if there was some substance that made you slip. If you did slip because of something on the floor, try to obtain a sample. Also, try to get pictures of the area. Report any such accident to the manager or owner and insist that they make a record of it.

The Wrongful Death Lawyers at Robert Vitale and Associates specialize in representing the families of wrongful death victims. Having an aggressive and experienced attorney on your side helps to ensure that justice is served and the proper parties are held responsible for the negligence that led to a loss of life.

Robert Vitale and Associates skilled wrongful death attorneys will investigate the facts, retain the proper experts, assess your claim, establish which parties and insurance companies are to be held responsible, and organize all of the details of composing and presenting your case.

When a wrongful death occurs as the result of a wrongful act or negligence of another you can count on Robert Vitale and Associates to deliver you the maximum wrongful death settlement in a swift manner.

In Michigan, a wrongful death lawsuit against the negligent party is generally initiated by or on behalf of the wrongful death victim’s immediate family. Through our expert wrongful death attorneys, if you are a parent, child or spouse of the victim you may be able to recover a significant wrongful death settlement.

Recoverable damages in a Michigan wrongful death lawsuit may include:

  • Hospital and medical care costs
  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Compensation for earnings the deceased would have provided
  • Compensation for loss of companionship, love, and moral support the deceased provided

If you or a loved one has suffered due to a wrongful death due to the negligence of another, seek the expert advice of Robert Vitale and Associates to assist you.